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When your job is to support and sell to your clients you need more than just a generalised help desk and CRM system. For a specialised job you need a system that has been designed from the ground up to work in your industry.

For nearly 15 years the CustomerFirst® suite of products has been the leading Help Desk and Customer Relationship Management solution for IT organisations. With nearly 400 other technology customers world-wide the system continues to grow in functionality - just one reason why it is renowned for its flexibility and rapid ROI.

the right tool for the job

This industry is different and to manage a successful support and sales operation requires a system that can:

- Manage complex customer and reseller relationships
- Hold warranty and maintenance contracts against multiple software product and hardware items
- Establish and monitor customer SLAs and call backs
- Track and manage 3rd party involvement in problem resolutions
- Track internal development and fix processes
- Accurately record chargeable and non-chargeable time
- Easily provide statistics, reports and analysis
- Give an end-to-end view of the entire operation
- Manage the complete sales cycle from campaign to closure

technology for people who help people

People Technology supply, implement and support the CustomerFirst® suite of Products in the UK and Eire. Staffed entirely by experienced software professionals, we understand the important issues faced by technology companies.

We don't just supply software - we also supply practical advice and guidance based on over 20 years experience in both national and international software and technology services companies.

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